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Phoenix forklifts come in two varieties, electric and internal combustion (IC). Electric forklifts are typically used indoors such as in warehousing, construction and manufacturing. They’re cheaper to operate that other forklifts and ideal for very heavy lifting. IC forklifts are generally used outdoors in places like construction sites and require refueling. Many people use the term Phoenix forklifts to describe a great many types of lifts. While most people think of a forklift as a vehicle that’s drive with the characteristic “fork” on the front that automatically moves up and down to lift and move items, even within that category there are more different kinds to choose from.

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The motorized Phoenix forklifts most people picture are actually called fork trucks. They’re like heavy equipment only in miniature, with a cab the operator sits in, and typically beeps and alarms to let others know when they’re backing up for safety. Motorized-drive forklifts fall into this category, usually with a relatively closed in cab for the operator, with no manual lift movement at all; instead everything’s motorized.

Manual drive forklifts or fork trucks, on the other hand, may have manual load movement while everything other part of the machine is motorized. Often, manual drive trucks are a little cheaper because of the manual component which is why some businesses opt for them. When the lifting is going to be extremely heavy, it’s best to choose a completely motorized lift. Safety handrails and turntables on the fork truck are also added safety measures that should opt for when choosing a forklift for your business.

There are many variations among Phoenix forklifts to take into consideration, with each different type having a different price point which may or may not make it more desirable for your business. Some are made for a standing operator, rather than having a cab in which the operator sits. Some electric varieties are designed for narrow or small spaces. These are usually stand-up operator lifts, made narrow with special counterbalancing and straddle legs for stability, that are good for moving items in minimal space.

Rough-terrain Phoenix forklifts are designed for moving over uneven surfaces and should be the type you choose if you’ll be using the forklift outdoors. Motorized hand-pallet jacks are an option that can save money and typically take less room than a typical driven forklift. With these, the operator may stand on the back or even walk behind the truck.

When a forklift is requires moving items from high spaces, a reach forklift is the best option. These trucks have large, pneumatic tires and a boom on the front. These can be used even on uneven ground, so they can be used outdoors safely, because of the counterbalancing.

Many people couldn’t look at a variety of forklifts and immediately see the difference between them, but it’s important to choose the type that best suits your business operations. And if your business really needs a forklift but price is an issue, used Phoenix forklifts can be a good option.

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  • Price under $12,000 8' forks side shift 25 to 30k cap.
  • Propane or gas/propane (lpg) Any make no preferance. Size restrictions must be able to load and unload van trailers and containers of pallets and stack 12 to 14 high. Lights front and rear. Hydraulic side shift needed also. Thanks
  • Rental period - Monday February 9 2pm thru Friday February 13 2pm
  • Require a carpet pole at least ten feet long.
  • Residential construction site, loading/unloading of materials and site management
  • Safety features: lights, back up signal, seatbelts,
  • Salvage electric forklift, want the electric drive system.
  • Send me all the details
  • Should be able to go up and down dirt paved sloping lot
  • Side moving carriage These both to be used to lift pallets of bricks.
  • Side shift and tripple mast 3500 lb capacity
  • Side shift, 3 stage mast,hyster s50xm model
  • Looking for lift to be 6000# lift at least 36ft reach low hours in or around 1000hr good tires
  • Looking for rental and new pricing something in a JLG skytrak or something like that of outdoor use.
  • Looking for somthing that's not going to get stuck in graval and in the dirt. Lift 5,000 lbs or more. Perferably duel tires up front.
  • Looking for used Lull 8 & 10 ton machines,
  • Low use, indoor outdoor application
  • Maybe an electric pallet jack
  • Must be a free lift with 36" of lift from floor level.
  • Must be a pneumatic tire with LP and a maximum 10' height. We need something as soon as possible!!
  • Must be a quad going at least 240 inchs high 4000 lb just basic forklift.
  • Must have gsa contract prefer 3 wheel truck like the Yale ERP-3H
  • Must have side shift 42-44inch forks and the overall length is a factor for are wharehouse
  • Need a lull to hold man box to ralise concrete in wheelbarrow to out side decks
  • Need a model comparable to Hyster H225H with a 90 intergral SS attachment. Need to lift empty 20ft liquid iso containers, stack 3 high.
  • Electric, possible narrow wheel base less 4'
  • Electrical and possibly the white kind of wheels that don't mark up the floor
  • For an appliance retail store
  • For loading / unloading containers in warehouse and outside - business similar to PODS
  • For picking pallets of wood off shelfs with narrow isles
  • Fork blades must be adjustble through lever and not manual
  • Fork lift for high and dry storage for a marina
  • Forklift will replace a skytrac 2000 that has been used for the last 25 years at a repair shop and RV center.Replacement will be used with a special adapture to tow travel trailers and moving equipment in and our shop.Pneumatic tires are required
  • Forks 42" lift hieght 10' to 189" as is lease return or may keep what i have and look for a mult voltage charger from 12-48 vlts does not have to be pretty but all works
  • Forks ahould be able to slide side to side.
  • Front lights; backup alarm and lights; rearview mirrors
  • Gas, diesel or lp ok. Lights, side shift, 5000 lb
  • Getting my own company going. Need to get a price check please.
  • Would prefer older model lift to keep price down
  • You are requested please advise us with whatever option are available including the cost and investment, maintainece etc as a professinal
  • Able to lift pallets of rock
  • Able to move baled carboard and bales of tin cans and bales of shredded paper and stack bales about 3 to 4 bales high.
  • Air tires, less than 6000 hours, auto trans, good paint, side shift
  • Also looking roll grab clamp truck. Good used 120 size range hyster
  • At this point we aren't exactly sure what we are needing, however we will be needing something, we would definitely want information on the service plans, etc..
  • Can be in need of repair
  • Combined fork-lift and order picker
  • Currently have a Cascade 36" sidshifter forks: 42" x 5" x 1.6" class II adj. Volume backup alarm R & L rear view mirrors Rear combination lights strobe light (yellow) 18-85F-21 industrial battery ph3m-18-865 industrial charger
  • Dead switch, headlights, horn, cage for protection
  • Doesn't need to be flashy, but needs to start and run good
  • Drivable forklift w/ rough terrain tires. Looking at either new and or re-conditioned w/ warranty
  • Electric forklift, w/charger; 2500 lbs lift; 12 foot, 3 axis mast; I would like a turn on center - 3 wheel unit (if possible); standard 42 inch forks. Let me know.
  • Electric pallet jack for a non-profit shelter for homeless & abused women, children, and their pets. Thank you, Darol
  • Needs to be able to fit into a container-
  • Needs to have a Type Designation of DX or DY for entry into a classified area as defined by the National Fire Protection Association code 505
  • Needs to move and position 20' trees with 20" diameters as well unloading pallets from delivery trucks.
  • Needs to travel at 120mph minimum.
  • No interested in forklift now, only power lift pallet jack
  • OSHA Compliant / Side Shifter 36-42 inch forks
  • One replacement forklift - tricycle electric. One other - toss up as to replacing the lift or battery.
  • Only Komatsu brand 7-12 ton.
  • Or stand up model to above specs
  • Orange Safety Light Three Wheel 4000 lb capacity 129" lift height
  • 3-stage,short&long forks, lp, small footprint, removable counter weights
  • 36" to 42" fork length, adjustable fork width, side shift, tilt, up & down
  • 40 Feet Lift Service Program Cheapist I Can Find (It For A Voulnteer Fire Service
  • 4000 lb lift capability; lights; warning alarms; to be used occasionally to load semi-trucks.
  • I am interested in forklifts similar to the Caterpillar ET4000 and E 4000
  • I am interested in forklifts similar to the Toyota 8FGCU25.
  • I am looking for a forklift that will be lifting and moving pallets of corn and soybean seed bags and other things related to agricultural uses.
  • I am looking for a small electric walk behind electic lift truck to use on a Raytheon Missile handling application.